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As we are now in the midst of holiday time, whether you need some easy beach reading (for our local Aussie fans), or you are looking for a cosy, heartwarming book that you can snuggle up and stay warm with, LBoB have a few recommendations for easy readers.

Heartwarming – Thanks for the Memories

Author – Cecelia Ahern

Who doesn’t love a good Cecelia Ahern novel!? Honestly, P.S. I Love You?! Haven’t heard of it? Then you can’t be a true fan of chic-lit. Sorry!

But seriously, Cecelia Ahern delivers another classic chic-lit book with Thanks for the Memories. I got this book from one of our local book fairs and it sat on my bookshelf for about a year before I picked it up. Shame on me! This book has a bit of everything. Romance – check. Heartwarming – check. Intrigue – check.

It follows the story of Joyce, who is the main character that events tend to revolve around. Joyce’s tale starts off with heartbreak and as time progresses, we sit back and watch how each individual in her life plays a special part in putting the pieces of the broken heart back into place.

I mostly enjoyed reading about Joyce’s relationship with her elderly father. It was so heartwarming to read about the special bond between father and daughter and how, in his odd, old fashioned ways, he is the glue that puts his daughter back together.

Then, there is a the biggest mystery of all. Why does Joyce have such a connection with the complete stranger, Justin Hitchcock? How does she know so much about him and why does his daily habits start transferring to Joyce’s own life? To have this question answered, you will just have to read the book yourself!


Did not like it  –  It was ok  –  Liked it  –  Really liked it  –  It was amazing

Intriguing – The Husband’s Secret

Author – Liane Moriarty

The Husband’s Secret follows three different women, on their quest to find their own truths. Truths that appear to not exist throughout the start of the novel, but as you turn the pages, these truths start to appear. They slowly reveal themselves to be dark, ugly and raw.

Liane Moriarty addresses the age old question of ‘what if?’. ‘What if Cecilia never went into the attic that day?’ ‘What if Felicity had never lost all that weight?’ and ‘What if Janie hadn’t forgotten about her Doctors appointment on that dreaded afternoon?’.

This novel made my mind start ticking over events in my own life that once seemed minuscule, but evaluating them now seems that these ‘miniscule’ decisions or events could have shaped the course of my life; much like the characters in this book. This is a great read for anyone who likes a bit of intrigue with their chic lit.


Did not like it  –  It was ok  –  Liked it  –  Really liked it  –  It was amazing

Self Discovery – Alice in La La Land

Author – Sophie Lee

This book jumped out at me because of its pretty cover art. It is a simple design, but it is what drew me to purchase the book in the first instance. The synopsis described a book about an Australian girl called Alice, who follows her acting dreams to Hollywood, to only find that life in LA isn’t as glamorous as it looks from the outside.

At first, I enjoyed the simple writing and easy reading of Alice’s story, but then I soon realised that the plot was not getting any deeper and the story itself soon annoyed me.

The story itself is all about Alice’s self discovery, with assistance from others, but don’t expect to be rooting for Alice to achieve her dreams because I couldn’t even bring myself to liking her all that much. She was very blasé about her acting pursuits and although the plot was based around her journey to finding a big time role in Hollywood, she was never dedicating herself to the task at hand, which I think Sophie Lee needed to expand on Alice’s character development to explain why this was so.

If you are looking for a book to read whilst lazying on the beach, then this one is for you. It is an easy and quick read and is perfect for days where you don’t want an in-depth story that makes you think.



Did not like it  –  It was ok  –  Liked it  –  Really liked it  –  It was amazing

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