Here we are!

Begin communication!

Hi, we’re Janelle and Mel, and this is our Little Blog of Books. Nice to meet you!

We’re going to get rolling soon with some actual bookish content, starting with a joint review of our first “buddy-read”, and then we’ll each be posting about the books we’ve been individually reading, and along the way we’ll throw in some other random fabulousness.  You know what else would be fabulous? If you kept coming back to visit and talk to us. Let us know if you’ve read what we’ve just read, or if you’re reading it right now, or if you’re planning to read it soon, or if our reviews have turned you off or on to something, or if you’re reading something else entirely and it’s got nothing to do with anything we’re talking about except that it’s a book. If it’s about books, you’ve got our attention!

In the meantime, you can check out our About Us page for more juicy goss on what we’re planning to do here, and who the hell we are anyway. And follow us! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, your blog reader of choice – whatever, we’re in all of those places! Because The Internet! Scroll to the bottom of this page for all the juicy details.

See you again soon.


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2 responses to “Here we are!

  1. Kate

    YAY!!! I am so very much looking forward to following your reading adventures! VERY MUCH!!! xox


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